Traditional Sales Method

Love Real Estate & Auction Company staff is laser-focused on Seller and selling their real estate. Love agents rarely represent Buyers and our goal is to sell your property quickly, efficiently, and obtain the highest possible sale price. Our staff will aggressively market the property by utilizing cutting-edge technology and effective local, national, and international marketing platforms.

While the traditional sales method is currently the most utilized real estate sales method, it is not always the most transparent and may not result in the highest net proceeds at closing. We suggest that all prospective Sellers explore the benefits of the auction sales method and our hybrid sales platform.

We provide maximum online exposure, a multi-media property website, stunning property videos, high-quality color brochures, 3D tour technology, drone photography, and customized property signage. We also include a recent home inspection report, property appraisal, and an abundance of local neighborhood information in your marketing package.

High Quality Marketing


Excellent photography affects everything – virtual tour, property website, print materials, and advertising. Our professional photographers deliver an unparalleled experience, with the latest technology, and the quality to show your listing at its absolute best.

Love Real Estate & Auction Company is built around personal care and going the extra mile to give you peace of mind with your property. We walk you through every step of the process and pride ourselves on our dedication to your real estate need. We strive to truly be the best in the industry.

Client Focused


All of our clients have 24/7 access to an online portal with real-time access to important documents. We make sure that you can access the information you need at any time, from any place.

We’re quick to handle any requests or communication sent our way, and guarantee you a response within 24 hours. Our team is ready to take care of you and manage your property in a way that pays off for you.


Timing Is Everything!

It is well known that the more “Days On Market” (DOM) works against Sellers for a multitude of reasons. If a property is not sold quickly, Buyers will shy away and this delay will affect the net proceeds from a sale due to the carrying cost Sellers incur, such as mortgage, taxes, and upkeep expenditures

A vacant typically deteriorates much faster than an occupied property. Because of this, the value is directly impacted resulting in a lower sale price and lower net proceeds at closing. Builders and Property Flipper’s net profit is impacted every single day a property is not sold due to the financing cost, taxes, and other operational expenses.

In general, the Real Estate market is extremely sensitive to the time of the year, the weather, and any unexpected changes to the economy from things such as the stock market and world events. The Coronavirus, for example, destroyed the entire Real Estate market in the middle of the prime selling season.

Click on the link below to fully understand how time can affect the sale of real estate.

Which Method is Best For You?

Love Real Estate & Auction Company utilizes every sales platform available, including the traditional sales method, auction sales method, and our hybrid sales method, which combines both, the traditional and auction methods together for the best result. We fully understand that the amount you sell your property for is not nearly as important as the net proceeds you will receive from the sale at the closing.

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