Register At The Auction

Bidders who are planning to attend the live auction may register at the auction site on auction day and post the required Registration Deposit on auction day as well. However, Bidders registering on auction day must register no later than one (1) hour prior to the start time of the auction. Bidders who register at the auction site must provide Love Auctions with a Cashier’s Check or a Certified Bank Check and the check should be made out to the Bidder. You may Pre-Register online by clicking on the Pre-Register Link below.

Cashier’s Checks or Certified Bank Checks must be drawn on a local or nationally recognized banking institution. Love Auctions, LLC reserves the right to reject any check at its sole discretion. No third party checks will be accepted. All unsuccessful Bidder deposits will be returned to Bidders at the conclusion of the auction. In the event Bidder is the winning bidder, Bidder shall endorse the check over to Love Auctions, LLC, as provided in the Auction Terms and Conditions. Any deposit received prior to the auction date will be retained by Love Auctions and placed into the Love Auctions, LLC Escrow Account located in a  Federally Insured Bank and the without interest.  The winning Bidders deposit and retained in the same fashion and credited towards the purchase price of the property at the closing.  It is highly recommended that Bidders who are planning to attend the auction should pre-register online. 

Pre-Register Online

We recommend that Bidders who are planning to attend the auction may pre-register online no later than 48 hours in advance of the auction start time and simply bring a Certified Bank  Check or a Cashiers Check for the Registration Deposit in the amount outlined in the Auction Terms.  For your convenience, you may  post the deposit by wire transfer, hand delivery or through the Love Auctions, LLC electronic funds transfer (ACH) portal (Pre-Auction Deposit Instructions below.)    All unsuccessful Bidder deposits will be returned to Bidders at the conclusion of the auction. Should a bidder register online and fail to provide the required deposit, Bidder will not be allowed to participate in the auction.


Pre-Auction Deposit Instructions                         

If you are not bringing a Certified Bank Check or a Cashiers Check  to the live auction on auction day, the required deposit must be delivered 48 hours before the auction start time by;

  1. Wire transfer-Love Auctions LLC, Escrow Account -c/o Eagle Bankcorp, Routing #-055003298 Account # 0200278240
  2. Hand delivered to the Love Auctions, LLC Office 1725 I Street, N.W. Suite 125, Washington, D.C. 20006


Call: 301-801-5476 or 202-800-3777 x1000


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