Real Estate-Property Management

Benson J. Fischer, the company founder has an extensive background in commercial and residential real estate. His background also includes residential and commercial property management, finance, workouts, design, construction along with construction management. His experience includes representing landlords and tenants to lease, sell,  auction, and manage; retail, office, industrial properties along with the sale,  auction, and management of residential properties throughout the D.C. Metro Market.

Benson is a licensed real estate broker and property manager for 35 years in, DC, MD, VA & PA, and a licensed Auctioneer in DC, VA & MD.  In addition to property management,  he has orchestrated over 1000 real estate transactions that generated over ½-Billion dollars in revenues for his clients.

Food Service

Benson has designed, constructed, and operated 50 of his full-service and fast-casual restaurants in the D.C. Metro Market. He has also manufactured and distributed Beverages, Frozen Foods, and Bakery Products regionally and nationally. He has also consulted for several national, regional, and local foodservice independent and chain operators for site selection, lease negotiations, felicity design, operations, business sales, and financial workouts.

General Business

Benson has represented a large variety of business owners, landlords, and tenants since 1985. His entrepreneurial background and business experience provide him the vision and knowledge to assist with all areas of business.

Business Consulting

Benson J. Fischer has had an extensive background in real estate and food service.  He also has experience in other business areas outside of Real Estate and food service including;  manufacturing and distribution, vending equipment, and in the advertising and marketing field. Benson has been retained for consulting services for projects that include Real Estate management, leasing, sales, shopping center design and construction, and financial matters.   His food service background has led him to consult on countless projects including;  restaurant design, construction, and management.

His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to create dozens of businesses, joint ventures, franchises, acquisitions, and investment opportunities that have generated excellent returns on investments. Benson combines his negotiation skills, vision, and innate talent for identifying prime opportunities. He has demonstrated his ability to build operations, turn-around problem situations, develop top-performing management teams, and build a strong and sustainable market position.

Consulting Services


  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation
  • Real Estate & Business Workouts
  • Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Leasing, Sales & Development
  • Asset & Portfolio Optimization
  • Auctions Services
  • Business Development
  • Road Show Presentations
  • Marketing & Advertising


  • Workout Structing w/ Landlords & Vendors
  • Lease & Sales Negotiations
  • Risk Analysis & Leveraging
  • Restaurant Development & Operations
  • Franchise Systems, Sales
  • Bakery, Beverage, Frozen Food Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage  Distribution
  • Multi- Site Operations / P&L Management
  • Marketing & Advertising

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