We Treat Brokers/Agents Like Gold

We enjoy the opportunity to partner with Broker/Agents and we not only protect commissions on both sides, we always offer a market commission to any Broker/Agent who works with us. We know firsthand that Broker/Agent partners are essential to any real estate transaction. Broker/Agents know the dynamics of their Sellers and Buyers, the community, and have a clear understanding of current market conditions. The Broker/Agent is worth their weight in gold and no matter if the transaction is a Traditional sale, an Auction sale, or a Hybrid sale, Love Real Estate & Auction Company treat our Broker/Agents like gold.

The Love Auction Sales Method

Auctions offer Sellers and Buyers new options, enhance your image as a full-service professional, expose the property to a wide market of potential Buyers, and turn profits for you and your firm. Plenty of revenue-producing roles are available in the auction process. Broker/Agents will earn commissions equal to or greater than commissions derived from a traditional sale without dealing with the delay of contingent contracts.

Keep Your Listings

We want Broker/Agents to keep their listings and to educate their Sellers and Buyers about the Love Auction platform opportunity in the early stages of their relationship. By offering a 30-day Love auction or hybrid sales option to the traditional listing approach, Broker/Agents expand their likelihood for success by leveraging our marketing campaigns and vetted network of qualified Buyers.

Total Transparency

Love Real Estate & Auction Company provides an abundance of information about the property being auctioned to satisfy all questions that a prospective Buyer may have. We believe in providing total transparency with Broker/Agents and with Sellers and Buyers to eliminate any hesitation from Sellers or Buyers.

In addition to the customary information provided in a traditional listing (professional photographs, tax records, utility information, and floor plans, etc.), we provide prospective Buyers with much more. This includes an appraisal, a full property inspection report, a termite inspection report, a radon test report, a plat map, a title, and lien search, along with ample access to the property for in-depth inspections prior to the auction.

All these services are provided by reparable third-party professionals at no cost to prospective Buyers. We want the Buyer to have every single question answered prior to the auction.


Auctioning Your Property


  • Generates a list of ready, qualified Buyers
  • Property is sold within 30+/- days of listing
  • Properties are sold in “As-Is” condition – No contingencies!
  • Collect top commissions paid QUICKLY!
  • Love Auctions pays TOP DOLLAR COMMISSIONS!!!
  • Offers clients and customers new selling and purchasing options
  • Increases revenue and market share
  • Develops a new market niche
  • Assurance that property will be sold at true market value
  • Exposes the property to many potential purchasers
  • Auctions bring people in to look at all your listings, not just the auction listing
  • Successful auctions result in referrals and return business
  • Broker/Agents can earn commissions as referring agent/broker, cooperating agent/broker, or as the listing agent/broker


A cooperating Broker/Agent who represents a Seller and has a traditional sales listing agreement in place will earn a FULL FEE. The cooperating Broker/Agent must introduce the Seller to Love Real Estate & Auction, assist in the auction documentation, and be directly involved in facilitating a successful auction. A co-op fee will be paid at the closing.


A cooperating Broker/Agent who represents a Buyer will earn a co-op fee. The cooperating Broker/Agent must introduce the Buyer to a specific Love Auction and register the potential Buyer with Love Auctions. A Broker/Agent who procures a Buyer for Love Auction and is directly involved with assisting the Buyer with all aspects of auction process will earn a generous commission subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Love Auctions Cooperating Broker Agreement. A co-op fee will be paid at the closing.

Connect With Us


A real estate Broker/Agent can refer a Seller to Love Real Estate & Auction Company and receive a referral fee. The referring Broker/Agent is instrumental in explaining the entire Love Real Estate & Auction platform to a Seller and/or a Buyer, however, a referring Broker/Agent is not directly involved in the overall auction process. A Broker/Agent who refers a Seller or Buyer to Love Real Estate & Auction will earn a generous commission and a referral fee will be paid at closing.

Join Our Team

We offer a multitude of opportunities for Residential and Commercial real estate Broker/Agents. We are always looking for well seasoned Broker/Agents. A Love Real Estate & Auction Broker/Agent is an independent contractor that works directly with Love Real Estate & Auction to produce opportunities directly from Sellers and from other Broker/Agents. Our Fee structure is extremely generous.


Any number of reasons. The Seller is in control of the sale price, the date of the sale and the closing date, not the Buyer. The auction process is much faster and the property is sold in “as is” condition with no contingencies. In a ‘Hot” Seller’s market, auctions often bring in higher sale prices than through the traditional sales method. Should the Seller require the immediate sale of their property, there is no better option than an auction. Some other common reasons include; a job transfer to another city, another home has already purchased, absentee property owners, inherited property, divorce, death of a spouse or parent, 1031 tax exchanges where timing is an issue, large parcels of land or farms that have been divided and multiple properties need to be sold quickly. Very seldom do we hold an auction due to foreclosure, however, we do auctions in lieu of foreclosure.

One of our Love Auction professionals will accompany you and will present our auction program to your Sellers. As you can see, it is very different from traditional brokerage and it does require a detailed presentation to the Seller.

Schedule an appointment for you and our auctioneer to meet with your Sellers.

You are a very important part of the entire auction process. Your name and phone number will be listed in the auction ads so you will be receiving the majority of the calls about your property along with the auctioneer in charge.

You always receive the listing side commission based on the auction high bid price. In addition, Auction transactions take far less time to close, resulting in much faster commission payments.

Most properties, but certainly not all are saleable by auction. Residential property, commercial property, vacant land, even boat slips are sold at auction. The majority of sound developments that can be marketed effectively do extremely well at auction.

Love Auctions provides the prospective Buyer with total transparency with all the unknowns eliminated. The Buyer knows that the Seller is committed to selling that property and that the property is sold at true market value. The Buyer will also pay fair market value and not an inflated sales price. In addition, it’s fast, which eliminates the long negotiating and closing process and gets the Buyer possession of the property in a fraction of the time as through a traditional sales platform.

Yes! Love Auctions will be happy to work with any Buyer’s Broker/Agent and pay a generous commission at the closing. should your Buyer be the winning bidder?

You must register your Buyer at least 24 hours before the auction and attend the auction. We will provide with an information package and answer any questions you or your Buyer may have prior to the auction.

You always receive the Buyers commission side based on the auction high bid price. In addition, Auction transactions take far less time to close resulting in faster commission payments.

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