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Simply input your desired sale price for the property you want to sell, the mortgage payoff along with your monthly expenses, and our Love Auction Calculator will provide 3 different sale scenarios at various price levels. The calculations show you the advantage of a Love Auction over the traditional sales method.

Desired Sales Price

Total Mortgage Payoff

Include: First trust, second trust, home loans, property liens.

All Monthly Expenses

  • Monthly Mortgage Payment.
  • Monthly Home Owners insurance (if not included in mortgage payment).
  • Monthly Home Owners Association fees
  • Monthly Utilities: electric, gas, propane, water, sewage, trash collection
  • Monthly Upkeep: Lawn care, snow removal, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, roof repair, painting, A/C repair, and maintenance etc.

Note: The average annual cost for residential upkeep ranges between 3%-4% of the value of the property.

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  • Desired sale price entered in Scenario #1.
  • Scenario #2 is calculated at 97.5% of the desired sale price entered in Scenario #1.
  • Scenario #3 is calculated at 95% of the desired sale price entered in Scenario #1.
  • Monthly expenses for a Traditional Sale is calculated for 180 days (average time from the Traditional listing start date until closing).
  • Monthly expenses for Auctions Sale is calculated for 60 days (average time from auction listing start date until closing).
  • Closing cost calculations for an Auction are much less because Buyers are responsible for the closing cost.
  • These calculations are estimates only, other factors may apply in a real estate transaction.
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