A Real Estate Auction

As a Seller, you ideally want an offer as quickly as possible so you can turn a page in life and move on. A real estate auction establishes the true market value of your property in a specific marketplace on a specific day. That’s why we believe it is the best way to get the best price and save you money at closing.

Before the auction, you will determine a “Reserve Price” (the lowest price you are willing to accept for the property). If the highest offer doesn’t reach this price point, you are not obligated to sell the property and you incur no cost whatsoever.

Set The Minimum Price

Online & In-Person

A Love auction is conducted live, typically at the property and simulcasted on the Love Auctions “online bidding platform” which generates Buyers from all over the world.

We review the market comps and recent sales in the area where the property is located and work together with you to determine a satisfactory auction sales price. We then set an auction date to take place in the following 30+/- days.

Properties are sold in “as is” condition without contingencies saving a Seller time and even more money. This means the high bidder cannot back out of the auction purchase contract without risking their escrow money because of inspections or lack of financing.

A Love Auction showcases your property to the marketplace, providing maximum visibility to the target market. This allows us to accept purchase offers prior to the auction and often, properties are sold before the auction date.

Lots of Exposure


Get the Highest Price

With a Love Auction, you will get many offers presented on auction day until the highest and best offer is determined by the auctioneer. Real-time competitive bidding creates the urgency for Buyers to make decisions on the spot which drives the price up and often exceed a Sellers expectations.

Auction Calculator

Simply input your desired sale price for the property, the mortgage payoff along with your monthly expenses and our Love Auction Calculator will provide 3 different sale scenarios at various price levels. The calculations show you the advantage of a Love Auction over the traditional sales method.

Learn More

Auction Process

Click on the link below to fully understand the auction process for real estate sales.

Timing is Everything!

Click on the link below to fully understand how time can affect the sale of real estate.

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