What to Know When Moving to Philly

high rise buildings in philly

Moving to any location can be a load of confusion, especially if you don’t know the place too well!

Thankfully, in this article today, we’re going to explore a few tips for moving to Philly and how to make your move that much easier.

Tips for Moving to Philly

1. Real estate is much more affordable than surrounding areas

Bigger east coast cities like DC, Boston, and NYC all have high prices on the market. Thankfully, Philly is great as it’s an alternative option to those seeking shelter near high-priced cities. There is much more room in Philadelphia for much less than the conventional cities, allowing for a more comfy home for anyone who’s looking to find a place to live.

The median home value is around $130,000 comparatively to much higher prices in any major city. Philly is a great long-term place to live for anyone looking to settle down with a family, or simply to build a new life.

2. Philly is a large city

Philadelphia is the 6th biggest city in the entire United States, it sits at the 2nd largest city on the east coast, behind New  York. With over 1.5 million people that call Philly home, expect to experience traffic and more than average waits at popular shops and restaurants.

3. Public transit is great

You can get around with SEPTA easily in Philly, which is the public transport system. With an easy way to get around,  this means you can live a little outside of Philly and still enjoy everything Philly has to offer.

Some buses connect to other areas of the state, but sadly the buses don’t always arrive on time. The subway however is a reliable way to transit throughout the city, and the regional rail can take you to other areas outside of Philly with ease.

4. Rent during the off-season

Philadelphia has 10 (and more) universities and campuses around the city. This means that when students come to start their semester in the fall, you’re going to be competing with a large group of people for housing.

To get a reduced price on your rent or home purchase, come to Philly during the off-season around winter, December to March, to have a wider variety of places to check and get a better price.

5. Hire professional movers 

Professional movers like, Three Movers, can help with your daunting move to Philly. Instead of breaking your back after an already exhausting work week, you can rely on professionals to help lift, pack, and unpack all of your belongings with ease.

Remember that it’s best to inquire many months before your move to get the best price. No matter which moving company you choose, always make sure you have an agreed-upon price to avoid having the price be much higher when the movers arrive. 

You can even go for full service packages which means that all of your belongings will be packed with the utmost care, then unpacked. All that is required from you is to instruct the workers on their arrival. 

6. Philly is a city of neighborhoods

Before you move to Philly, it’s important to know that 25 neighborhoods in Philly vary drastically. Rittenhouse Square is considered high-class and is fairly expensive. Chestnut Hill is another neighborhood that is known to be high-end.

Other neighborhoods like Fishtown and Northern Liberties are on the rise, as they continue to attract the hipster crowd from all over the country. Beware that there is a crime in Philly, so picking a suitable neighborhood should be on your priority list. 


Relocating to Philadelphia, like moving anywhere else, presents its unique array of challenges and intricacies. However, as we’ve delved into within this guide, being well-prepared can significantly ease the transition process. Philadelphia, known for its rich history and cultural significance, provides an affordable alternative in comparison to numerous other East Coast cities. Its extensive public transportation network and a wide array of neighborhoods cater to a variety of preferences.

Whether your focus is on discovering the perfect home at an economical price, navigating the dynamic environment of the nation’s sixth-largest city, or immersing yourself in the diverse mosaic of neighborhoods that define the Philadelphia landscape, thorough preparation is paramount. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and gain a comprehensive understanding of your options, encompassing aspects such as housing and transportation. Additionally, considering professional moving services and strategically timing your relocation can lead to time, cost, and stress savings.

Philly is a city much more than simply cheesesteaks. It’s got amazing neighbors, great activities, and amazing cultures. That is why we buy houses in Philadelphia! It’s an incredible city with a ton to offer. Keep these tips in mind when moving to Philly so you have a great life ahead of you.