When to Sell a House in Philadelphia: Top Tips

a property for sale with a sale board outside

Real Estate is not a perfect science, but there are some trends homeowners should always pay attention to. People often say that it is ‘all about timing’, and they are correct! Similar to stocks, when selling real estate, you make money when you sell. Even if you buy at an extremely low price, your bottom line still depends on the final sale.

While the condition of the property is important when selling, choosing the right time to sell a house in Philadelphia can have the biggest impact on your final price. There are countless factors to consider when answering the question of when to sell my house in Philadelphia.

Below, we will explore the factors that can help you maximize your profits for the sale of your home.

1. Sell a House on Your Timeline

First things first, it’s important to sell a property when the time is right for you. It’s true that picking the right moment to sell a house can increase resale value. But you need to evaluate your own timeline when preparing to sell a house and do what’s right for you and your family.

For example, holiday plans, school terms, graduations, job changes, relocations, finances, and mortgage deals can all mean that right now is the best moment for you to sell – regardless of whether a sale next year or in the fall might bring a better return.

The most important thing to remember when selling a property is that there are always buyers looking to buy and sellers looking to sell, no matter what’s going on around you. Selling when the time is right for you is the best time to do it. Otherwise, there may never be a perfect moment to sell.

2. Consider Wider News & Current Affairs

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The second most important thing to consider when deciding when the best time to sell is what’s going on around you. Current affairs and wider news stories can impact where local buyers look for properties and how much they want to spend on a new home.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were spending more time at home and therefore decided to sell their properties to find somewhere larger. This led to a higher demand for properties in certain areas (like Brewerytown and Fishtown) and of a certain size, and lower demand for smaller properties.

Remember, there will always be something going on in the world that impacts the property market, either negatively or positively. It’s important to be aware of these things by speaking to a real estate company. But don’t get too concerned or delay selling your property if the time is otherwise right for you.

3. Think About the Seasons

a large remote property with snow on the house and driveway

According to Zillow, the best time to sell a house is in March. The best day of the week to list a property is on a Thursday, according to historic selling data on the site. But any Philly native will be aware of how cold it gets during the winter months in the state of Pennsylvania (from January to March).

Not only does the weather get cold, but so do buyers’ wallets. This is standard across many cities in the United States. It’s also snowy and icy, which are less than ideal conditions to be attending showings and driving long distances.

Selling a house in spring and summer is usually the best time. These months bring more buyers and typically drive higher home prices when they are purchased. Summer usually bodes the strongest home prices, but spring can also be a great time to list your property on the market.

Listing a property in December is also not generally a good idea. It can work if your property is priced well. But you may not receive as many offers as you may like, since many people are busy with holiday plans and prefer to move after the holidays.

Thinking About Selling a House in Philadelphia?

There are plenty of decisions you will need to make when figuring out a game plan for your property. Consider these factors if you have asked yourself, “When should I sell my house in Philadelphia?”. Remember, the most important steps are to evaluate your personal timeline, look at the current economic landscape, consider what works best for buyers, and then, choose a time that ticks some or all boxes.

If you’re thinking about selling a house in Philadelphia, Brotherly Real Estate can help. We buy houses in Philadelphia and help you avoid lengthy sale periods and high closing fees. If you are curious about what your property is worth, call us for an instant cash offer at (215) 769-9875.