Selling a Hoarder House Quickly in Philadelphia

a trash pile spilling out of a hoarder house

Are you suddenly managing the property of a hoarder? Or have recently inherited a hoarder property? Hoarder houses can be difficult to sell, especially if the collection of stuff has caused severe damage to a property or made it unsafe to host viewings.

However, selling a hoarder house can be done when you find the find the right buyer. Even though you should fix up the property before listing it on Opendoor or Zillow, it’s not the only way (or the fastest method) to sell a hoarder house.

Keep reading to learn our advice on selling a hoarder house quickly in Philadelphia.

Prepare & Organize the Property

a hoarder house kitchen full of clutter

As you step into a home with rooms filled to the brim with newspapers, boxes, magazines, and even old food, you may not feel in control. It tends to be hard to pick a place and just start.

So, to make it easier to sell a hoarder house, we suggest you begin by assembling things that are alike to figure out what to trash and what to keep. Or if you like the process of elimination method, you could plan to go room by room through the house, choosing how to manage things as you go.

You’ll need to assign space for the things you need to take with you, what you need to sell, what you need to part with, and what you need to toss in the garbage.  Don’t forget to gather the essentials like garbage bags, gloves, masks, and disinfectant the house before starting.

Accentuate its Key Features

a man overwhelmed when packing property possessions

If you need sell a hoarder house in Philadelphia without clearing it first, you have to get imaginative in your introduction. Seeing the heaps of garbage that have accumulated after some time can send many homebuyers running the other way. So, you need to enable your purchasers to perceive what can be.

Feature the large windows, enormous yard, or the new apparatuses. Whatever is extraordinary about the house, make sure it is featured up front and highly visible in the property listing photos. Individuals base a great deal of their purchasing choice on their early introductions of the property, and when you sell a hoarder house this is crucial.

If you feature the extraordinary things about the house, ideally, the not-all-that-good things aren’t as obvious. Of course, this will be harder considering it is a hoarder house. Don’t forget to unveil any other potential issues with the house to potential purchasers – since not doing so can be viewed as extortion.

Find the Right Buyer

If you are wondering whether to sell your hoarder house now or wait, it may be best to consider selling now. The quickest, least demanding, and calmest approach to selling a hoarder house in Philadelphia is to offer it to a genuine, proficient, and experienced homebuyer, for example, Brotherly Love Real Estate.

At the point when you offer to us, we will see if it is possible to give you an offer regardless of what you need to abandon. We will deal with the contents of your undesirable hoarder house in Philadelphia, garbage and everything! You will have the option to sell the house with no cleaning, fixes, or property showings.

You can have the time to clear out what you wish to keep… we will close at whatever point you are prepared. If you choose to go with someone else, we recommend you make sure you have checked to see if you have completed these things before you sell your house.


Selling a hoarder house in Philadelphia is possible and can happen quickly – especially if you choose to sell to a professional homebuyer (like Brotherly Love Real Estate). The important thing to remember is that you need to disclose all issues with the property before selling.

Additionally, you need to prepare yourself for a fair offer on the property to account for the issues caused by the hoarding. For example, termite damage, structural issues, or other home health hazards.

If you need to sell a property as is in Philadelphia (even a hoarder house), we can help. At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we buy houses fast for a fair price. We can take a property off your hands in as little as 21 days for a fair price. Contact us to get your FREE cash offer or chat with our team of experts about how to sell to an investor.