Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. If there is another question not listed here please give us a call at (215) 769-9875 and we will do our best to help you out.


Table of Contents

    1. Who Are We?
    2. What Do We Do?
    3. How Does Everything Work?
    4. How Are We Different?
    5. How Much Should I Clean Before I Move Out?
    6. Do I Pay Fees or Commissions Working With BLRE?
    7. Do You Pay Fair Prices For Houses?
    8. How Do You Decide On The Price That You Offer On My Home?
    9. Are There Any Obligations Once I Complete the Form?
    10. Will You Still Buy It If My House Is In Bad Condition?
    11. Should I List My House With A Realtor?
    12. How Do I Get Started and Receive My Free No Obligation All Cash Offer?
    13. How Many Houses Do You Buy?
    14. What Do You Plan To Do With My Property?
    15. Do You Buy Houses Outside CA and PA?

1.) Who Are We

Jon and Alex started Brotherly Love Real Estate because we have a huge passion for real estate. We are local home buyers that pay cash for houses. We have flipped houses, and are not afraid to swing a hammer! BLRE is a top real estate company in PA and CA. You can learn more About Us through our page. We are honest, straightforward, and will always go for a win-win situation.

2.) What Do We Do?

We help you answer the question of how to sell your house. Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses for cash and we close quickly. That’s our main goal. We make the process simple and easy. No complications and full transparency. Typically we hold on to the property long-term. However, we also do flip houses depending on the neighborhood.

3.) How Does Everything Work?

We are able to close quickly and pay cash because we usually do not use traditional banks to finance the houses we buy. That allows us to close fast and on the date of your choosing. No one is waiting for the bank to process. If you have never been involved in a cash transaction previously, you will be amazed at how much easier it is – on both sides! We work alongside you as a property owner to help you sell your house with ease.

4.) How Are We Different?

Honest, Local People

Jon and I are real, local people. We are not some fly-by-night company that will vanish. Brotherly Love Real Estate has been buying houses for several years. Accountability is one of our company’s core values. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. There is no point in being dishonest in this business because everything comes out in the end anyway.  Transparency is the backbone of our culture, and the interactions we have with people of the community.

No Closing Costs

There are numerous fees that come along with a real estate transaction. Brotherly Love Real Estate does its best to eliminate as many of those as possible for home sellers. We want you to leave with as much money as possible in your wallet. Win-win situations, along with helping people in the community, drive us each day. When selling your home to us, we take care of the closing costs so that you don’t have to pay them. That’s right! You can walk away from the closing table with more money in your pocket. We are not kidding. Jon and I care about the people that we work with and serve. If you are unhappy, so are we. Let’s work through things and succeed together.

Education on Selling My House

We truly enjoy educating home sellers throughout the process. Jon and I think that it is fun! We get enjoyment from it. It is amazing to be a part of this momentous experience in someone’s life, while also teaching them along the way.

5.) How Much Should I Clean Before I Move Out?

This is where the benefits of selling your home kick in. You do not need to clean your home. However, you are probably still wondering, “but do I need to fix my house before selling it?” That answer is also no. We purchase properties of any kind. They can be fully fixed up, or not at all. Jon and I have seen every end of the spectrum for the condition of a house. We take the hard part of the home selling process out, and believe in making it smooth and simple. Home sellers don’t have to worry about cleaning or fixing anything unless they prefer to. We work around your schedule and preferences.

Whatever you decide to do, keep us posted on what you are thinking. Since we have been doing this for a while, we can usually recommend a solid house cleaning company if you do want to clean your house. We are here to be a resource for you. Regardless of the topic. There are multiple contractors we’ve worked with in the past that are spectacular. Jon and I are more than happy to recommend some too if you’re interested in fixing up part of your house before you consider selling it. You might be wondering how much value you would add by doing certain renovations on your home. Certain renovations add a ton of value. Others not so much. Send us an email with what you are envisioning. Our Team will give you an analysis on what we think could be worth fixing versus leaving alone.

6.) Do I Pay Fees or Commissions Working With BLRE?

Commissions are a huge expense to worry about when selling a home. That could save you thousands potentially by not paying that! Additionally, it makes the paperwork easier. Why worry about commissions when you don’t have to? Keep more money in your pocket. Go spend it on fun things that are worth spending on, like travel!

Avoid paying commission sell your house to us

7.) Do You Pay Fair Prices For Houses?

BLRE does its absolute best to give a strong offer to the homeowners we work with. We are sometimes the highest offer out of a group of offers, but not each time. However, we take pride that our offers are fair and reliable every time. It all depends on what we plan to do with the property. Oftentimes, if we are doing a major renovation, we have to budget for that. I have seen us rack up a huge bill at Home Depot before. It can happen, and we do need to budget for that when we give our offer. You can always count on our offer being reliable and firm.

We do what we say we are going to do. Always!

Between 2010 – 2020, the United States real estate market has prospered and grown across various parts of the city. Home sellers have made money selling their properties. We’ve come across huge offers given by real estate investors on properties that would have received very small offers years ago. PA and CA are doing great, and we’re excited to be a part of it. I know that it can be nerve-racking to find out what people would offer of your house, especially if you’ve owned it for a long time. You’d be surprised how much people are willing to spend on the asset that we can real estate.

8.) How Do You Decide On The Price That You Offer On My Home?

Our price is largely determined by the end goal and overall plan for what we will be doing with the property. As I mentioned previously, a large chunk depends on the renovation plans for the project. However, we also consider what current market prices are in CA and PA. We review comps that are similar in detail around that neighborhood. This is how most real estate investors, appraisers, and flippers begin their process as well. The nearby home sales play a huge role in determining the value of nearby homes, which influences our offer price on your home. If you are curious what is my property worth, you can ask us.

9.) Are There Any Obligations Once I Complete the Form?

We are a real company that believes in helping communities through one of the most difficult processes of their life. The home-selling process can be super tough! And we only like to work with people who also want to work with us. There are zero obligations when filling out the form to get your property’s value from us. Jon and I are here to help out people in the community, educate them on real estate, and provide them with the services they need if they need them. No strings attached.

Please check out our Reviews to see why other home sellers have enjoyed working with Brotherly Love Real Estate. You can find the link below. We plan on being around for a long time and look forward to continuing to serve the community. This is our home, and we truly care about the people here. We don’t send out any spam emails. We simply educate homeowners on the value of their property and provide whatever service best fits their needs at the time. Real can be complicated. We keep it simple.

10.) Will You Still Buy It If My House Is In Bad Condition?

Regardless of the cleanliness or condition, we will still buy your house. I mean that when I say it. As stated earlier in the FAQ, Our Team has seen it all when it comes to properties. There are some that are incredibly nice and fully renovated already when we buy them. However, we have also come across the complete opposite of that. Which is totally okay. Taking care of a house is difficult! Especially the row-home style buildings that can oftentimes be multiple floors, very tall, and tough to maintain.

What if the damage to my house is really bad?

Brotherly Love Real Estate is open to anything. At the end of the day, we are here to help out. Regardless of the situation or home condition, our goal is to help you sell your property. If your property has structural damage, we are still open to buying it. We buy houses of any condition, seriously. Our Team has viewed properties with major structural damage to the foundation. Almost every problem is fixable in the end.

One factor that does help us out tremendously throughout the process is transparency from your side. We typically run through the house with a Contractor to confirm our renovation estimates before buying houses in California and Pennsylvania. If there is something wrong with the condition of the property, our Contractor will most likely be able to spot it eventually. Knowing any major flaws regarding the property upfront is incredibly useful for Jon and me. We can make you a great offer today, but if we find out later on that there is a major issue with the property that we were not previously aware of, that is not good. It usually means we will have to decrease the offer amount we gave you. Knowing all details upfront about the property allows us to provide a fair cash offer that you can count on.

11.) Should I List My House In PA or CA With A Realtor?

There are a few benefits of selling your house on the market with a realtor, I would never lie to anyone about that. However, there are several benefits that come along with working directly with a home buyer as well. When listing your property on the market, the process is typically longer because there are more steps. One of those steps is preparing for an open house. In this instance, you as a homeowner would need to clean your house thoroughly to get it market-ready. There’s also a good chance that you’d need to do repairs on the property before selling it. If you plan to buy properties in the future, you can access our real estate inventory.

12.) How Do I Get Started and Receive My Free No-Obligation All Cash Offer?

Jon and I make the process simple and easy to get started. Homeowners start out by filling out the form on our website. From here, we will do our analysis of your property, the neighborhood, the comps, and the current real estate market. This is where the fun starts. Our Team provides you will no strings attached, no obligation, valuation, and offer on your house. Right off the bat, we answer the question of, ‘how much is my house worth?’ This can all be done online via email, or over the phone, all depending on your preference. We let you decide! From there, we have a conversation about your end goal for what you would like to do and your timeline. Our goal is to help you reach your goal with the property, whether that means selling tomorrow or selling next year; we are here to help in any way possible.

Beginning the home selling process is as simple as that. With technology, a quick phone call or email makes the process hassle-free. Selling your home has never been easier. We communicate with property owners that we work with throughout the entire way. It can be extremely educational, and also very fun, to learn about each step of the process. Whether you have sold a house in the past, or have never been part of a real estate transaction, Jon and I make the process uncomplicated.

13.) How Many Houses Do You Buy?

The most that we have ever closed on in a 2-day period is two properties within the same 24 hours just about. However, that doesn’t happen all of the time. Since we are a local business – a true mom-and-pop type company – we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves with too much at once. Plus, that would negatively affect the value and attention that we can provide to each home seller. The process of selling a home can be complicated, which is why we want to give our full undivided attention to each property owner with each transaction.

14.) What Do You Plan To Do With My Property?

This answer does vary quite a bit depending on what neighborhood you own your property in throughout CA and PA. In certain neighborhoods, we only flip houses. In other neighborhoods, we like to purchase properties and hold on to them long-term. California and Pennsylvania are changing every year, which keeps us on our toes. The flips that Our Team does can be moderate to full-on renovations. We enjoy putting in nice granite countertops and finishes to our projects. Typically, we lean more towards the full-on, nice renovations with our projects.

15.) Do You Buy Houses Outside California & Pennsylvania?

Currently, we buy houses in PA and CA. Our company does not personally buy houses outside of these states. If you find yourself needing to sell a house in a different market, here are other investors that we know, trust, and highly recommend: